The code and the branch of studies: 43-31-N/01 Animal physiotherapy
The educational programme: Animal physiotherapy

Graduate’s profile

The graduate shall be fully qualifed to work as veterinary assistant – animal physiotherapist with the following responsibilities:

  •  physiotherapy of animals with a focus on small animals based on examination and instructions from a veterinarian
  • treatment of animal patient after neurological or orthopedic surgery
  • cooperation with veterinary doctors
  • medical examination by means of visual inspection and palpation in order to determine diagnosis and prepare rehabilitation plan
  • application of manual and physical therapies including electrotherapy, laser therapy, hydrotherapyetc.
  • draw up and perform individual physiotherapeutic plans with the use of rehabilitation devices
  • administration of patient records

The graduates can hold a position as a physiotherapist- veterinary assistants either in veterinary clinics, rehabilitation centres, veterinarian surgeries or run their own practice. They are specialists in preventive care, targeted rehabilitation therapy, post-operative and post-traumatic rehabilitation and physiotherapy with sporting animals.