Business Academy

The code and the branch of studies: 63-41-M/02 Business Academy
The educational programme: Business Academy

Graduate’s profile


  • is able to use two foreign languages in professional communication
  • knows the computer software in solving economic tasks, including working with the Internet
  • manages to keep tax records and double-entry accounting
  • is able to provide personal agenda of a small and a large organization
  • is familiar with tax laws
  • knows the important legal standards relating to business
  • prepares basic documents used in business
  • knows the principles of marketing and management and their usage in operating management
  • has potential for development of his/her own business activities
  • respects business ethics and rules of etiquette
  • can apply his/her knowledge and skills in practice

Graduate’s job opportunities


  • is especially applied in business administration as an economist, accountant, financial officer, marketing assistant, assistant, or secretary
  • can work as an officer in public administrative especially in the economic departments such as offices, health, education, culture
  • also as a bank clerk, insurance agent in the middle management positions
  • may hold the position of sales representative of various firms or a financial advisor
  • can also become a businessman