Certified nurse

The code and the branch of studies: 53-41-N/11 Certified nurse
The educational programme: Certified nurse

Graduate’s profile


  • can help patients, their families and other groups with securing and achieving their physical, mental and social potential in the scope of their surroundings and living and working background
  • can prepare patients and clients for diagnostic and curing treatment, make them according to the indications of doctors or to assist at them
  • can evaluate, plan and provide professional health care in the time of illness and convalescence
  • is able to encourage the active involvement of individuals and social groups into the all aspects of health care and thus strengthen the independence and responsibility in respect to the emphasis to good healthy environment
  • cooperates with other members of health care staff
  • can research relevant study papers and can apply them in practice
  • respects ethic rules, human rights, professional ethic code ant the rights of patients
  • can work effectively in emergency cases
  • work actively in the health care enlightenment

Graduate’s job opportunities


  • can carry out the job of a nurse
  • can work in health care system and in hospitals
  • can find a job in providing health care independently to both adults and children
  • can work together with medical doctors in preventive, curative, therapeutic, diagnostic and urgent care and treatment
  • can work in institutions of social care or in private nursing care, according to the Czech law of nursing no. 96/2004 of the Code of Law
  • is able to hold a position in improving and keeping the health of clients and patients and in preventing illnesses