The code and the branch of studies: 65-51-H/01 Cook/Waiter
The educational programme: Cook/Waiter

Graduate’s profile


  • is capable of performing qualified work in the field of dish preparation and serving customers in restaurants and pubs
  • can prepare hot and cold dishes and beverages and is capable of serving dishes and beverages in its simple and complex procedure
  • has attended a special barman training course
  • develops in the field of food technology, table setting, nutrition as well as in the field of social communication and organizational skills
  • is skilled in the field of boarding with a great emphasis on restaurants
  • communicates in two world languages
  • disposes of communicational and business skills which he/she can use during dealing with guests
  • is capable of using his/her theoretical and practical knowledge in practice and acquires prerequisites’ necessary for commercial activities in the field in all types of restaurants

Graduate’s job opportunities


  • is qualified for the work in public boarding and amusement parks
  • can hold positions in specialized departments of sales and manufacturing centers
  • can independently conduct business in the field of services after acquiring a certain amount of experience