Financial leading of an enterprise

The code and the branch of studies: 63-41-N/18 Economics and Business
The educational programme: Economics and Business
Optional field of studies: Financial leading of an enterprise

Graduate’s profile


  • is able to establish an enterprise and start a business
  • knows the modern methods of managing an enterprise
  • knows how to use his or her knowledge in the field of management
  • is able to keep the accounting of an enterprise
  • orientates well in law of common business practice
  • communicates in both written and spoken parts of two world languages
  • masters business correspondence and Microsoft Office 2010 (PowerPoint, Excel, Word)

Graduate’s job opportunities


  • is a specialist in financing, accounting, budgeting, invoicing, calculating of prices, labour and wages, statistics and personal departments
  • can find a job especially in various professions of banking institutions, insurance companies, and financial offices
  • can work in other fields of public administration
  • can work in budgetary and allowance organisations
  • can also work as sales representative
  • can work as specialised economist in a state or private companies
  • can work as an assistant in an accounting company
  • after obtaining working experience he/she can work as an independent accountant and financial or economical adviser
  • can work in other positions, such as in managing own company