Graduate’s profile

  • Graduate is able to make floristic and handmade products
  • Garden´s realisations, park and orchard´s adaptations and their subsequent upkeep including upkeeping and founding lawns and work with garden machinery
  • Graduate is skillful in subject of recognizing, proliferating, planting, treatment, fertilization, protection and harvesting of plants and fruits and their use
  • Planting and using curative herbs and aromatic herbs and eco-friendly planting (speciality of our school)

Graduate’s job opportunities

  • ability to work in all kinds of garden keeping companies
  • working in decorative and fruit gardens
  • in founding and upkeeping of public or private green areas
  • in the area of flower arranging
  • ability to work in florist´s and garden centres
  • in the area of fruit and vegetable processing
  • in agriculture or agrotourism