Hotel Keeping

The code and the branch of studies: 62-42-M/01 Hotel Keeping
The educational programme: Hotel keeping and tourism

Graduate’s profile


  • has a cultivated appearance and manner
  • communicates in two foreign languages
  • manages the business documentation
  • uses IT technologies
  • masters the technique of providing accommodation, eating and information services
  • deals with an organization of a social event
  • masters and applies the principles of management and marketing
  • behaves socially and professionally
  • cooperates with his or her team
  • educates himself or herself for all his or her life

Graduate’s job opportunities


  • will find the working position in the field of technical-economical middle-leveled functions, in the accommodation, eating, informational and other services concerning tourism (travel agent, travel offices, hotels, restaurants)
  • will be practising professional managing activities, marketing and business activities
  • uses knowledge and skills gained from vocational workshops (the course of carving fruit and vegetables, bartending course, sommelier course and delicatessen workshop)