Informatics in economics

The code and the branch of studies: 63-41-M/01 Economics and business
The educational programme: Informatics in economics

Graduate’s profile


  • is able to keep accounts of an enterprise
  • manages the problems of personnel administration of an enterprise
  • manages business correspondence
  • knows and masters modern software equipment including the level of management of operating system
  • can programme his or her own applications
  • can design websites

Graduate’s job opportunities


  • can work with funding bodies, accounting, billing, work and salaries and human resources
  • can find a job in budgetary and contributory organizations
  • can act as a dealer of an enterprise
  • can work ICT administrator
  • can work in the field of programming and developing user, database and web solutions
  • is able to find a job in the field of administrating information systems, constructions in graphic CAD applications and connections to manufacturing processes
  • can manage his/her own firm