Information about the school in English

Basic facts about the school

The College of Higher Education in Economics and Nursing and Secondary School was established in the 19th century. It has a long-time and rich tradition in teaching economic, agricultural, clothing, and technical fields. Since 1996 it has also expanded into the fields of college of higher education. Nowadays the school ranks among the biggest schools in the South Moravian Region as it has 1200 students.
In 2006 the school established relations with the Mendel University in Brno and it expanded its educational offer with opening the courses of bachelor degrees. In the same year the school obtained the status of the University Training School of the Mendel University. It means that the students of the Mendel University may perform their practical training experience there.
The school with its conception and modern facilities meets the requirements laid on present but also future needs of its graduates and their establishment in the labour market of the EU. The school is connected to world wide web through wireless connection, its classrooms are equipped with data projectors for modern teaching, its teachers may use interactive boards and also e-learning has been used in the classes. Information centre and library are also at students’ disposal. The part of school is the boarding-house equipped with 129 beds and school canteen.
The school became involved in the operational programme ‘Education and training for competitiveness’ funded by the European Social Fund with its own project called ‘We improve the way to knowledge’. The aim of this project is mainly to improve the classes and creating academic support and e-learning support for the classes. The concept ECDL was included into the school educational plans of all the IT subjects. For improving and extending classes we have made partnership with the companies Microsoft and Cisco, which offer worldwide accepted educational programmes MSITA a CCNA. Internationally accepted certificates can be obtained after passing the particular tests.
The students of secondary school are involved in international cooperation with secondary schools in Vienna within the project EdTWIN. This cooperation includes the fields of tourism, economics, informational technology, and fictive firms. The school is also involved in the network of schools that provide education for adults. This is done within the project UNIV 2.
At our school students can study in the following branches of studying:

Higher Vocational School of Economics and Nursing

Higher Vocational School of Economics and Nursing offers study for the graduates of secondary schools in the following fields:

63-41-N/18 Business and Economics which consists of two branches:
  • Financial Management and Taxation
  • Real Estate Economics
63-43-N/13 Banking and Finance
65-43-N/01 Travel and Tourism
43-31-N/01 Animal physiotherapy
63-41-N/11 Registered General Nurse

The Higher Vocational School provides regular learning education. The study lasts 3 years and is concluded by final exams from relevant academic subjects depending on the specialization and English. The graduates shall recieve the Diploma of Higher Education – DiS. The work experience represents an integral part of studies and is done in private companies, state institutions or other relevant organisations.

Secondary school with school-leaving exam:

Secondary school without school-leaving exam: