Tax Consulting

The code and the branch of studies: 63-41-N/18 Economics and Business
The educational programme: Economics and Business
Optional field of studies: Tax Consulting

Graduate’s profile


  • can orientate himself or herself in the tax system of the Czech Republic
  • knows how to count taxes, keep their documentation, make out tax declarations and is able to take part in tax procedures
  • is able to give basic tax information according to minimizing tax liability under current legislation
  • knows and orientates himself or herself in the problems of social and health insurance of individual subjects
  • understands the cohesion of the tax systems of the Czech Republic and the European Union and is able to apply the requirements of tax coordination and harmonization
  • is able to keep accounting of a company and make out tax declaration on this basis

Graduate’s job opportunities


  • can work as specialised economist in a state or private companies
  • can be an accountant
  • can work as a tax specialist of enterprises
  • can hold a function of a confidential clerk of enterprises
  • can work as an assistant in an accounting or tax company
  • after obtaining working experience he/she can work as an independent accountant and financial or economical adviser
  • can work in non-profit organisations, social security administration and health insurance companies
  • can work in other positions, such as in managing own company