The code and the branch of studies: 65-43-N/01 Tourism
The educational programme: Tourism

Graduate’s profile


  • understands elementary economic terms and the principles of market ekonomy applied to the field of tourism
  • has good knowledge of geographical composition of tourist attractions, operating of major tourist centres and tourist areas in both the Czech Republic and abroad
  • speaks two world languages and can use them in both common conversational situations and in trade-entrepreneurial practice
  • is able to get, process and analyse information with the help of information technology
  • knows elementary labour standards and is able to use them in practice
  • can apply his/her knowledge of psychology in social communication and knows all the rules of etiquette

Graduate’s job opportunities


Considering the fact that our graduate obtains high-quality knowledge in the fields of economics, languages and human sciences, he/she can find a job not only in tourism, but also in other services, in trade-entrepreneurial professions and in public administration.

These job opportunities include:

  • an employee of a travel agency, travel office or tourist information centre
  • a tourism guide
  • operator of other services in tourism and some other fields (e.g. cultural agencies)