Veterinary prevention

The code and the branch of studies: 43-41-M/01 Veterinary
The educational programme: Veterinary prevention

Graduate’s profile


  • carries out and organises job performances within breeding of animals
  • assists at veterinary operations within animal breeding and also with veterinary facilities
  • assists with applying medicines and veterinary preparations
  • cures sick and injured animals under the control of veterinary specialist
  • takes biological samples and make partial examine
  • masters the methods of examining animal pregnancy
  • carries veterinary examination of slaughter animals and examines the meat at slaughterhouse and at domestic slaughter
  • assesses hygienic conditions and provides for hygienic requirements for obtaining and processing stuff of animal origin
  • takes samples and makes basic laboratory examine of food of animal origin
  • secures disinfection, disinfection and deratisation
  • carries out veterinary care and the protection of health and animals against the diseases caused by unwholesome food, feed and stuff of animal origin
  • drives automobiles of group B

Graduate’s job opportunities


  • can work as a veterinary assistant and help veterinary doctor, especially during the control of keeping hygienic conditions in animal breeding, in the production and distribution of animal feed, in making allergy diagnostic tests, in examining of slaughter animals and meat and in making border veterinary checks
  • can work as a laboratory assistant or agriculture technician – zoo technician in breeding of livestock
  • can find a job in v breeding work, in animal shelters, in pet shops, or in breeding of exotic animals
  • can work in the production and distribution of animal feed, or in the processing of products in agricultural enterprise
  • is able to work in the field of marketing of veterinary requisites
  • can work as an individual businessman in the fields where the secondary education of this character is required